Top Bali Biking Tours

Top Bali Biking Tours

Top Bali Biking Tours

There are a lot of good reasons to go biking on Bali. It’s a great way to see the countryside, for one, and everything is in good travelling distance from the beautiful Bali hotels. You can have the fun, the exercise and the luxury all the time. Bali, being an island, is a true world of itself, and where else could you ride around a volcano or an elephant park within a few minutes of each other, anyway?

Mountain biking

Anyone who’s ever ridden a mountain bike knows how much fun it is. These bikes can go anywhere, and they’re brilliant for all types of terrain. The best things in life are simple and provide a lot of interest, and the Bali biking tours are definitely in that category.

If you’re a good rider, Bali will give you the right sort of biking experience. For experienced riders, this is a good, but easy, ride. If you’re not a regular rider, the bike tours are well laid out so you won’t be overdoing it.

Note for riders: The main bike tour routes are all blacktop in most areas, and they’re very easy rides across flat terrain. Anyone who can ride a bike can do these. There are “Extreme Cycling Adventures” which are better suited to good riders, but the comparison is like the difference between an air mattress in a swimming pool and white water rafting.

These tours are pretty well stocked with all the right amenities, including buffets, air conditioned return trips and safety gear. You can bike your way across beaches, through the countryside, and go all over the island. You can bike north from Denpasar to Mt. Agung and Mt. Batur, and check out beautiful Lake Batur, or head west to Negara and Gilmanuk down the beach road, or inland to Mt. Batakau and the three lakes, Lake Tamblingan, Lake Buyan and Lake Bratan.

Biking is always fun, and on Bali, you’ll be busy seeing new sights wherever you go. This isn’t the tourist zone, it’s the real Bali, and it’s generally called “unforgettable” by those who’ve done these trips. Bikes are actually a very good way of getting around Bali. If you don’t feel like facing the traffic in peak season in a car, they’re a good option for general travel, and you can use the bike as the best way to commute from the hotel to the beach, etc.

You can also use the bike tours as a great way of planning your Bali escape. These tours are excellent ways of taking in all the sights you want to see, without the hassle of scheduling yourself out of other things. The tours are conducted at a modest pace, so you can tailor your trip to the bike trails. Check out the big bike tour operators first and get a feel for prices and extra amenities, and you’ll have a ball in Bali.

Note: Your Bali accommodation will have instant access to all the local information you need, so remember to ask about any package deals or other options, when booking.