Road Bike – Puluk Puluk & Batukaru Temple

Road Bike – Puluk Puluk & Batukaru Temple

Actually, the road that is now viral and is often called Puluk Puluk by roadies who ride there, long before it was a dirt road, footpaths or double tracks suitable for mountain bikes. But now it has become smooth asphalt and can be passed by vehicles/road bike. The advantage of passing this road is because it has a fantastic view of the rice fields to take pictures with the background of Mount Batukaru.

Batukaru Temple (Pura Luhur Batukaru) is a Hindu holy place located right on the slopes of Mount Batukaru, Wongaya Gede Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Luhur Batukaru Temple is a temple whose function is to worship God (Tuhan) as a God (Sebagai Dewa) who grows plants by using water properly, so at Luhur Batukaru Temple it is referred to as worshiping God as Ratu Hyang Tumuwuh—God’s name as the one who grows.

Support car, knowledgeable cycling guide, road bike, helmet, fruit, drinking water and isotonic drinks.

Minimum 1 (we can confirm a new departure with only one person booking if the booking comes in at least a few days in advance).

Meeting point at lobby hotel/accomodation (under negotiation). Briefing & setting. Time start : 06:00am or Adjustable
Riding time : –
Break point : Every 1 hour/Adjustable
Riding Distance : The distance riding depend on your place, example Kuta-Batukaru-Kuta (115km) Max elevation : 800M      
Elevation gain : >1300M
Tourist object will pass : Puluk Puluk Paddies View, Batukaru Temple.
Start & Finish point : Your hotel/accommodation *Optional stop riding and jump in our van if the way back is too far, hot or make tired for you. 

Well maintained Road bikes (limited), available size (contact us) or own bike.

– IDR. 1.500.000  (1 person)
– IDR. 2.000.000  (2 person)
– IDR.    800.000  (per person, minimum 3-4 person)

** Bring your own bike get a fee reduction of IDR. 200.000/bike
** More riders please contact us for prices and availability.

This tour can depart every day (subject to availability). Bookings can be made online (reservation/boking at our website) or by calling to mobile +62 (0) 81 236 586 365.

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