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Bali Cycling Tour – Tirta Empul

The fun, rest active or recovery cycling is take this day. After climbing yesterday it would be nice not to go too hard cycling to keep the body fit for the last day is quite heavy to Kintamani. 06.30 AM start time push the bike, with good weather. We are heading to Tirta Empul to get some holy water spring / water source. Tirta Empul temple is a Hindu Balinese water temple located near the town of Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia. The temple compound consists of bathing structure, famous for its holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go to for ritual purification. The temple pond has a spring which gives out fresh water regularly, which Balinese Hindus consider to be holy. Tirta Empul means Holy Spring in Balinese. The complex, built circa 960 AD, is also a silent witness to the old Balinese kingdom years, especially at the time of the Warmadewa Dynasty. Another nearby and prominent site on top of a hill is the presidential palace, Tampaksiring Palace, built during the years of the nation’s first president of Indonesia Soekarno. Tirta Empul, meaning ‘holy water spring’ is actually the name of a water source located within the temple. The spring feeds various purification baths, pools and fish ponds The perimeter surrounding the Tukad Pakerisan River. Various sites throughout the region and many other archaeological relics relate to local myths and legends. Max elevation 600 M, takes time 01 hours and 50 minutes (Ubud-Tirta Empul-Ubud) with the average speed of 19.3 km / h. This cycling program is perfect to recovery the rider and make it fresh. www.balicycling.com   bali cycling tour 7 bali cycling tour 9

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