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Full Day Cycling Tour

For the true cycling enthusiast in you who is looking for a challenging ride, you can go cycle through Bali on bike for an entire day. Tour groups will take you through mountainous challenges, flat roads, through the finest beaches, and the most memorable spots you want to see while visiting Bali. The only limit is your energy! Of course these day-long tours are typically more challenging, so they are geared towards those who are physically fit, have ridden through longer bike passages in the past, and are intended for those who truly want to take in all the island destination has to offer. If you have the time, would like to get a true feel of island life, and are up for the challenge, this type of Bali bike tour is surely going to impress the most avid cyclist, and is going to allow you to tackle a new challenge, while enjoying some of the most scenic views imaginable during your visit.

Cycling Cost including bicycle ( road bike with shimano 105 group set  or Mountain Bike  with deore group set  / same level group set)   , refreshments, support car and cycling guide.

a. 1 (one) Cyclist USD.120

b. 2 ( two) Cyclist USD.180

C. 3 ( three) and more USD.75

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