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Bali Mountain Bike Tour

Bali is one of cycling destination for those who have the Mountain bike tour, tracks cycling with rice fields view, tropical forests, lava, corals, sand, single track and passing countryside.

Batur Caldera Trail

Batur  is a land of unparalleled scenic beauty located within one of the most diverse geographical areas on earth. Batur  high land in the  Kintamani district in Bangli regency, it has retained its essentially agrarian. It is wondrous history and geography are still the defining aspects of everyday life. The character of Batur bike trails is that these places are blessed with beautiful sceneries and pleasant climates. The experience is made up entirely of off-road excursions on a series of challenging surfaces including forest trails, red mud hard-pack, volcanic sand, lava cobbles, gravel and broken tarmac roads. There are sections of single-track in every ride, but no long rocky or root sections or big drops. As far as gradients are concerned, all the trails except one have an overall down-hill element to them. A few steep ascents and descents are also part of the program, but these are normally short and sharp. These trails are rich in natural and cultural attractions such as Batur Mountain and Batur Lake  or other enchanting sceneries. They also feature convenient location, rare plants and animals, nice weather, and rich ecological resources. In addition, cyclists may undergo an experience of the Balinese lifestyles. Under all these pleasant conditions, cyclists may enjoy biking while appreciating the beautiful sceneries. The advance  cycling skill level recommended.

Besakih to Manggis Trail


Starting point from Besakih Village  farmer area  trough  sandy track , bamboo forest, salak plantations, and several times to cross a small river, arrived at village Putung we break for lunch while enjoying lunch  at beautiful hill scenery and sea view.  Continue  cycling  on rice filed track and  farmer community activities.

Kintamani to Ubud Trail

Cycling in Bali

The character of cycling trail is downhill through  the tropical plants, daily Balinese culture activities, adventure  villages  and  rice fields trail.  Starting from Kintamani  with 1.450 m elevation  and finish at  Ubud  with  210 m elevations on 40 km distance.

Pidpid to Virgin Beach TrailCycling in Bali

Cycling in Bali

Pipid Trail – Virgin BeachStarting  point  from Pidpid Village in agrarian area  at east of Agung mountain  735 m elevation.  Eventually this turns into single-track which turns south, continuing along the ridge top to the coast. Downhill trough the single track, villages, rice field, and The ride ends on a beautiful white sand beach at Virgin beach at 15 m elevation.  The long of track 39 km 

 Abang to Tangkub Trail

Kintamani Trak

Abang  – Tangkub.We climbed up the Mountain Abang on the edge of the crater shelf and then ride on broken tarmac and to the sandy tracks, and sliding down the  track up in sand mining and trail in the middle of the plantation. Before lunch we crossed paths on the one hand there are gaps, cyclists have to be careful and across the fields toward a small restaurant to enjoy lunch with Indonesia foods.  After lunch continue to tarmac, path in the countryside and finish at Tangkub  Village.

Cycling Cost = 1 person  USD.120,  2 person USD.180   and 3 person more USD.75 / pax



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