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Balicycling History

Bali Cycling Operator is an entity in the field of service has been operating a bicycle tour from 05th May 2003. All members of our team work come from Bali Cycling Federation members. We serve the activities of a road bike, mountain bikes and funbike. Locations that we use throughout the island of Bali and will be expanded to other areas. We serve with our experience during the operation of Bali Cycling Federation. We’re happy to serve with the standard UCI (International Cycling Union), because our members already have a license from the (UCI-Indonesia Cycling Federation). Locations that we offer have been at first so that proper surveys are used for bicycle tours. Accommodation, meal, refreshments and cycling can we provide appropriate program your request. We of the team work to provide good service so that the activities of your cycling and running well and returning home with happiness.

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