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Bali Cycling Tour – Tirta Empul

bali cycling tour 1
The fun, rest active or recovery cycling is take this day. After climbing yesterday it would be nice not to go too hard cycling to keep the body fit for the last day is quite heavy to Kintamani. 06.30 AM start time push the bike, with good weather. We are heading to Tirta Empul to get some holy water spring / water source. Tirta Empul temple is a Hindu Balinese water temple located near the town of... 

Bali Cycling – Beratan Lake

cycling in bedugul
Day 3 from the Munggu Village to Lake Beratan while moving to temporary residence in Ubud for the third day to gain experience, atmosphere and tranquility while in Ubud.Back to start at the same time that is 06.30 AM, with weather that is very supportive for cycling. The journey to the highest altitude that will be achieved is Max Elevation 1.327 M, with Elevation Gain 1796 M, with the average speed... 

Bali Cycling Tour – Tanah Lot

Bali Cycling Tour Tanah Lot
Bali Cycling Tour – Tanah LotCycling activities this time starting from the Munggu Village. The first day fits short riding for warming up after jet leg, matching up with the environment in Bali and preparing for the long ride the next day.By taking start at 06.30 AM, it is fresh air, road conditions, and time management. With escort a guide (Road captain) as a direction, give appeal and information... 

Bali cycling Tour – Jatiluwih

Bali cycling tour
On the second day of early morning cycling tour program by Bali Cycling Operator we continue to one of the best tourist destinations in Bali to see and enjoy the scenery of rice fields and terraces in Jatiluwih. Start from 06.30 AM from canggu and there is addition of participants today so will add this group. Preparation such as check the bike, tire pressure, individual equipment, guard team and briefing... 

GIETMAN 2017 Series 1 – 24 April 2017.

GIETMAN 2017 series 1 Bali
Tepat pukul 06.30 pagi 33 peserta GIETMAN Series 1 terdiri dari 32 pria dan 1 perempuan, dengan peserta warga negara Indoensia dan asing, mereka meninggalkan gerbang balon Polygon di depan toko sepeda Rodalink Denpasar. GIETMAN berasal dari kata giet (hahasa Bali) dan man (man berasal dari tiga huruf pertama manusia), giet dalam bahasa Bali artinya keadaan saat melakukan gerakan dengan sekuat tenaga,... 

GIETMAN 2017 series 1

GIETMAN 2017 series 1 Bali
Saya atas nama panitian GIETMAN 2017 Mengucapkan terimakasih atas segala dukungan dan kerjasamanya, sehingga kegiatan dapat berjalan dengan baik, Mohon maaf jika dalam penyelenggaraan GIETMAN 2017 ada kesalahan dalam pelayanan yang tidak berkenan. Kepada Seluruh Peserta GIETMAN 2017 series 1 , Sponsorhip Polygon, Rodalink bike shop, Thule, schwalbe, Susuki. Semoga GIETMAN menjadi kebanggaan pesepeda... 

Ergo Trainer Static Bike Rental

Ergo Trainer Static Bike
Ergo Trainer Static Bike Rental available in Bali Cycling Operator, with ergo trainer you can do training bike without leaving you family all the family holiday time in Bali . Rental cost Rp. 45.000 per day, not including delivery.    Read More »

Teknik bersepeda berkelompok

bali audax 2017 s
Seseorang yang belum mampu bersepeda berkelompok saat ada di dalam rombongan bersepeda  dapat membahayakan  pengendara  sepeda lainnya, karena saat bersepeda  dia tidak  stabil  diatas sepeda,  dapat mengambail jalur  pesepeda lain, terkejut, benturan dengan pesepeda lain dan belum cepat tanggap terhadap situasi, semua itu karena  kemapuan bersepedanya belum bagus. Seorang pesepeda belum terbiasa... 


  On Christmas Day 2016, over 40 riders left Rodalink Denpasar for the inaugural Gietman Challenge in Bali. The Gietman Cycling Event would see riders take on 110 kilometres, with a Strava battle to be held on Catur Daud Road in Bantang. In cool conditions, riders assembled at the Rodalink bike shop in the heart of Denpasar where they signed on for the challenge, and pinned on a number. No matter... 


The GIETMAN cycling event, organised by the MTBMAN  Foundation http://www.mtman.org is a combined tour program and bike race, testing cyclists’ fitness over short distances on a set route. Participants will depart together from the starting line, heading to the first discharge point. After participants complete the first stage of the event they will depart from the same point to begin the next activity—the... 

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