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Indonesia Cycling Federation Calender 2010

Indonesia Cycling Federation Calender 2010

Mountain Biking at Batur Mount – Bali

The Mountain biking in Bali
Mountain biking New year of  2010 begins with a memorable experience, which is cycling while enjoying the scenery at the foot of Mount and Lake Batur. This previous experience was not entirely unexpected, although cycling in Bali plans prepared well in advance. In the last month I was looking for information that can guide me with cycling in Bali through an unusual track, until finally I found the... 

Mountain Bike di Gunung Batur Bali

Bali cycling
Bali cycling #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Cycling... 

The geart holiday cum biking tour Bali Audax 2009

Cycling in Bali
Bali Audax 410 km In the southern part of Singapore, is an island with a size of approx. 120km by 80km. Over the next two days five Joyriders would be sweating and burning calories in this beautiful island. The first Bali Audax 410km was schedule from 28‐ 29th Nov 2009; it was also the first Audax for most of the participants. The JoyRider contingent to the first Bali Audax was lead by 46 years... 

The first Bali Audax 2009

Bali Audax 2009: Two days cycling around Bali island – 410km. Armed with enthusiasm and the passion to push the daily limit above 200km, 8 roadies arrived Bali on 27th Nov with their bike cases, electrolytes and energy bars. At 6pm on 28th Nov, we were ready to roll, kicking off the first ever Audax Bali! 10 riders, 4 support vehicles, 410 kilometers! (2 of the riders were from the... 

Our recent 5 days cycling tour in Bali island

Our recent 5-day tour with Wayan has convinced me that the best way to see Bali is by bicycle. Wayan took us off the beaten path to show us the real Bali, for which I am very grateful. On our tour, I met amazing people, ate some of the best food I have ever had, and was fortunate to learn about Balinese culture and some Balinese language. One thing that struck me about Wayan is that he is not... 

Two days cycling around Bali island

Two days cycling around Bali island We left from Jimbaran at 05.30 AM, with the streets still quite, although we must be careful because the road is still dark. We pass through the villages of Kuta, Seminyak before we arrive at Tanah Lotvillage to be greeted bythe sun rise. As we pedal towards the village of Kerambitan, past rice fields coloured gold by the morning sun, we see plenty of activity... 

Cycling in Bali

Cycling in Bali Wayan, here it is… You need to fill in some gaps for me. Thanks again, it was great/dm 5 days and 650kms, Wayan and Ketut were with me every inch of the way. I started as an overambitious newbie on the first day. Keen, arrogant and raring to go. Start early – 6am – just in case the sun gets us…. As with every new venture there is a learning curve.... 

Success after the fourth attempt!

Cycling in Bali
Success after the fourth attempt! I have been cycling in Bali regularly for the past 5 years having been introduced to Wayan and his team at Bali Cycling. Bali is not the kind of place you would want to ride extensively without people who know the area well as its not an easy island to navigate just using maps or even gps as road conditions change all the time. However it is worth letting everyone... 

Cycling Tips

Cycling Tip
For Riders 1. Make sure that your bicycle is in good working condition. It is your responsibility to have your bike checked and service before the rider. Things to look out for. Brake pads, gear and brake cables, balding tires, trueness of wheels, smooth shifting of gear, comfortable seat height. 2. Bring front/rear light as some rides may start early in darkness. Lights are also a must in rainy/misty... 

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