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Jarak Balap Sepeda Jalan Raya Team Time Trial

jarak TTT
Jarak lomba balap sepeda jalan raya Team Time Trial  (TTT) yang telah ditentukan oleh Organisasi Sepeda Dunia (UCI) Union Cycling International    Read More »

Road Bike Tour – Flores Island

flores tour copy
Komodo Audax is a cycling adventure activities in Flores Island Indonesia. Komodo Audax is the “Top Level Cycling Adventures in Indonesia”, because the location of cycling more than 1.000 bends, inclines, derivatives that require strong endurance, biking skills are proficient and air temperature every location visited is not the same. Staring from Larantuka to Maumere to Ende to Bajawa to Ruteng... 

Marshals sesuai dengan Peraturan UCI ( Union Cycling Internasional

Bagi yang sering mengikuit kegiatan bersepeda terutama lomba balap sepeda kata marshal tidaklah asing lagi, dan peran marshal sangatlah penting untuk mensukseskan kegiatan perlombaan bersepeda. Semua penyelenggara perlombaan sepeda harus mempekerjakan koordinator marshal. Ketua panel komisaris dan, delegasi teknis UCI bertemu koordinator marshal sebelum acara untuk mengoptimalkan prosedur untuk memberikan... 


Triathlon is a competition consisting of a series of sports, namely swimming, bicycle racing, and running that is carried out continuously in a single time unit. Triathlon is a time-speed competition where participants must be able to divide energy in each stage. Preparing you to achieve your extraordinary dreams by empowered, highly-skilled and passionate coaching.  INCLUSIONS Support car,... 

Jangan Menerima Titipan Di Bandar Udara

DI BANDARA, JANGAN BANTU SIAPAPUN UNTUK PEGANGKAN BOTOL AIR MEREKA ATAU APA SAJA. Di bandara atau di dekat layanan pabean, jangan pernah menerima atau membantu seseorang memegang botol air mereka atau benda lain, bahkan jika itu adalah orang tua atau wanita hamil sekalipun. Anda bisa ditangkap karena memiliki kokain atau obat-obatan terlarang. Di Singapura atau Dubai, itu berarti hukuman mati ! Katakan... 

2 Days Road bike – Bali Audax Climbing route

2 Days Road bike – Bali Audax Climbing route All the elements of good technique come into play when climbing and descending hills on your road bike. Maintaining good balance, both fore-and-aft and side-to-side, while staying mentally tough on the climb and knowing when to brake on the descent — and when not to — are all key to success. Also, before you head out for your ride, remember to... 

Road bike – Klungkung/Karangasem area

Road bike - Klungkung/Karangasem area This package is recommended for who stay in Klungkung/Karangasem regency. Cycling in these two areas you will feel more real Bali in the past, because it is still quiet and there are many tourist objects that you can visit while cycling and taking pictures. INCLUSIONS Support car, knowledgeable tour leader, road bike, helmet, fruit, drinking water and isotonic... 

Road bike – Taman Ujung

Road bike – Taman Ujung  The Taman Ujung complex has a combination of Balinese and European architecture throughout three large ponds connected by long elegant bridges and pathways. The physical features and superb mountainous backdrop to its north, and sea to its southwest, make it a favourite location for pre-wedding and artistic photographers. The name ‘Ujung’, means ‘extremity’... 

Road Bike – The area south of Bali

Road bike-The are of south Bali South part of Bali have a good rolling climbing. One of the destination you can visit while riding is so musch famous beach, one of them Pandawa Beach. Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency; around 3 km from the famous Nusa Dua area and Uluwatu Temple. In the past, this beach was hidden behind hill so it was called Secret Beach.... 

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