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Cycling in Bali
Are you ready join  on  Second Bali Audax  2010 ? The history of cycling around Bali starting from 1900s. The cyclist is W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, a famous Dutchlandscape and portrait artist who rode his bike around Bali in the early 1900s, painting as he went. Until know many people cycling round Bali, but they cycling around Bali more the two days. Now Bali Cycling Operator invite you join on Bali Audax.... 

Fun Bike

Cycling in Bali
Fun bike  program is easy ride,  it’s way along quiet village roads, passing temples and shrines and crossing rice fields where people work as they have for a thousand years, you  cycling on flat area at  Balinese villages and maximum 40 km distance. On the cycling time you can see the people are doing in the rice paddies,  tile making process, ceramic industry, traditional market, native activities... 

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