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Change Bicycle Chain

The signs of the chain have expired can be known from the size of the inner chain stretched. For example, when it’s still new the distance between the links is ½ inch but when measured the distance is 0.1 mm longer. The chain means it’s time to replace it. To avoid the chain from being damaged quickly, it is done

  1. The chain is always lubricant when used or not used
  2. The chain must be clean when the bicycle is not used
  3. The chain after washing is immediately dried and then filled with lubricants to avoid rust
  4. Using a chain according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, use it according to the chain load power, for example (when climbing, use the lightest gear)
  5. Chains are not often given a jolt to avoid cracks in the chain 
  6. Use recommended lubricant chain manufacturers
  7. Keep the bicycle in the room not humid
  8. Check the chain before using a bicycle
  9. Use the chain according to the gear used.

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