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The GIETMAN cycling event, organised by the MTBMAN  Foundation http://www.mtman.org is a combined tour program and bike race, testing cyclists’ fitness over short distances on a set route. Participants will depart together from the starting line, heading to the first discharge point. After participants complete the first stage of the event they will depart from the same point to begin the next activity—the Strava segment, where participants can speed up their bikes and race each other to achieve a high ranking. After completion of the second stage, they will continue to the final discharge point to attend a tribute ceremony honouring the winner.



The GIETMAN committee will determine first place and contestants’ rankings in the competition based on their rankings on the Strava app. The participant who is ranked first will receive recognition in the form of the GIETMAN trophy. Ownership of the GIETMAN trophy is passed on at each event—the holder of the trophy is obliged to return it for the next GIETMAN event, where contestants will have another opportunity to compete for it.  Participants ranking second and onwards may also win a prize provided by the committee.


Often in sporting events, contestants try their best, rising to any challenge thrown at them whether it be a heavy load or a time limit and attempting to meet the objectives of the challenge without receiving significant recognition—for example a weightlifter who tries their utmost to lift a heavy load, but is unable to get the weights off the ground, or a cyclist who makes themselves red in the face struggling to get their bike up a steep hill. In Balinese, this concept is referred to as ‘megiet.’

The word ‘gietman’ is a combination of the word ‘man’ and the Balinese root word ‘giet,’ in recognition of those contestants who give their all despite difficulties and limited success.  In an attempt to recognise not only achievement but effort, the GIETMAN CYCLING REWARD will be awarded to contestants who, over set times and distances, are seen entering into the spirit of the event and doing their best under the set conditions.


Starting from Rodalink Shop to Renon, Sanur, Jl. Ida Bagus Mantra, Ketewel, Sukawati, Blahbatuh, Bitra, Petak, Seribatu, Kayuambua, Susut, Demulih, Gianyar, Lebih, Jl. Ida Bagus Mantra, Sanur, Renon, Jl. Teuku Umar dan finish di Rodalink Denpasar.
























Technical Meeting    13.00 to 15.00  on 23 April 2017 at Rodalink Bike Shop Denpasar

Gietman event

24 April 2017


Rol Call



15.6 km Ketewel Stop / regroup  Pertama

35 km Water station – regroup

54.2 km Water stations  – regroup

82 km Lebih Water stations – regroup


110 km Finish


Trophy / Medal Ceremony



GIETMAN committee members are highly dedicated to increasing public recognition of cycling as a sport in Indonesia. They have been successful cyclists in Indonesia who have played a prominent role in improving the cycling industry and ensuring cycling is recognised as a respectable profession. The committee consists of:

1. Committee Chairman (Wayan Kertayasa)
2. Secretary  (Kadek Dwipayana)
3. Treasurer (Komang Sutama)
4. Activities Coordinator  (Gede Cakra Negara)
5. Marshal Activities Director (6 members)
6. Equipment Director (4 members)
Requirements and Provisions for Contestants

1. You must be able to cycle well over a predetermined course
2. You must use your own bicycle
3. Bring your own bike accessories
4. You must use the Strava app
5. You must pay enrolment costs in full
6. Obey GIETMAN’s rules and regulations

Activity Funds:

This activity will be funded by enrolment costs and sponsors.

A. Administration

1. Office Stationery
2. Web maintenance costs and event promotion
3. Activities administration

B. Route Equipment
1. Participant Numbers
2. Drinks
3. Food
4. Marshal Flags
5. Prizes for the winners
6. Ambulance team

Requirements for Participants
1. Participants must be members of GIETMAN
2. Participants must be able to cycle well on the GIETMAN route
3. Participants must use their own bike and equipment
4. Participants must use the Strava app
5.Participants must pay the enrolment fee
6.Participants must obey GIETMAN’s rules and regulations

Target participants

Participants attending the event are expected to come from both in-country and overseas. There will hopefully be as many as 100 contestants ranging in age from 15 to 60 years.

Rights and Responsibilities of Participants
1. Participants have the right to treatment/care if necessary, comprehensive activities, food and drink throughout the activity
2. Participants must follow GIETMAN’s rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations
1. The enrolment fee cannot be refunded
2. You may not compete by proxy/enlist someone else to compete for you
3. The committee may document the event in various ways for promotion purposes
4. Bikes used must be serviced for use on public roads
5. Maximum speed limit 35km/h
6. Participants must obey Indonesian traffic laws
7. Use the Strava app to determine your GIETMAN ranking
8. Rankings are determined based on Strava results only
9. Participants must follow the activity fully and accept the results determined by the committee
10. Do not use a mobile phone or headset while cycling.
11. Participants may follow other contestants but must not push them off the road
12. Participants must be polite at all times
13. Age of participants must be between 15 and 60 years
14. Participants must attend the initial qualification and technical meetings
15. Participants must not be partake in any behaviour that gives GIETMAN a bad name
16. Participants must respect local customs and traditions
17. Your bike must be in good condition. It is your responsibility to maintain your bike and examine it carefully for faults before you compete.  Check your brake pads, gears and brake cables, tires, wheel alignment, smooth gear changes, seat height and comfort before the event.
18. A helmet and gloves must be worn at all times when you are riding.
19. Wear bright clothes. This will make you more visible to others.
20. Do not ride alone. Always ride in a group with a guide.
21. When you ride through a village, slow down and always watch for children, chickens and dogs.
22. Do not come too close to the back of another cyclist, especially on a downhill slope or when riding in the dark (morning or night).
23. Look around constantly to make sure cyclists behind you are safe
24. Use clear hand signals to warn cyclists behind you if there are dangers ahead
25. If you need to stop (to rest or recover) ensure it is safe to do so. Avoid stopping on a bend and make sure a committee member can clearly see you.
26. If you stop to use the toilet or for a drink break, keep an eye on your bike and personal possessions.
27. If you must rest in an area where you are not easily seen by vehicles, please inform us of your location (perhaps by parking your bike at the edge of the road) so our support crew can assist you if you need it.
28. Activities can be stopped by the committee for safety and security reasons.
29. Warm up and stretch before riding your bike
30. Bring everything you need to keep your bike maintained and to look after your health
31. Participants are responsible for any damage occurring during the duration of the GIETMAN program
32. Participants are responsible for any losses or damage they do to others participants’ property.
33. GIETMAN is not covered by insurance.


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