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Road Cycling

Race bike  / Road bike program is cycling program on road using race bike for individual or group. The roads in Bali is comfortable for cycling training and cycling sport holiday. We can accommodate you training cycling program in Bali, we can provide the cycling guide (advance cycling skill level) , support car, refreshment, bike tool, bike reserve and cycling program following you cycling program in Bali.  Bali has the top road maximun 1.700 m sea level. You have  discus time before the starting the cycling program. The cycling program will be using the back road and village road. You can enjoy on bike  with Balinese activities and  beautiful panorama.  We recommended  this program intermediate to advance cycling level only.

Cost program per person: 

1 person  USD.120,  2 person USD.90   and 3 person more USD.75  


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