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Road Bike – The area south of Bali

Road bike-The are of south Bali

South part of Bali have a good rolling climbing. One of the destination you can visit while riding is so musch famous beach, one of them Pandawa Beach. Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency; around 3 km from the famous Nusa Dua area and Uluwatu Temple. In the past, this beach was hidden behind hill so it was called Secret Beach. Secret Beach actually had known well by some tourists. However, the difficult access to this location made this beach was empty. The visitors of this beach were only a few foreign surfers or domestic tourists. Fortunately, the local government of Badung Regency realized the potential of this beach and quickly managed this beach then launched it as a new mainstay attraction. The result can now be felt such as a better access heading to the beach which is now become more convenient for any vehicles. Pandawa Beach has a stunning panorama with serene and quiet atmosphere. When entering the beach area, we will be amazed by beautiful panorama of high cliff, flanking the road along 1.5 km. The road is purposively built through limestone hills in Kutuh Village, similar with the hills in GWK.

Support car, knowledgeable tour leader, road bike, helmet, fruit, drinking water and isotonic drinks.

Minimum 1 (we can confirm a new departure with only one person booking if the booking comes in at least a few days in advance).

Time start is early morning (06:00 am) to avoid the busy traffic at the city and finish around 11:00 pm. The journey to the highest altitude that will be achieved is Max Elevation 300 M. Stop point every 30km or by request to simply refill the water, enjoying refreshments (available in the support car). The distance riding depend on your place hotel around Jimbaran & do a loop can take 40km.

Well maintained Road bikes (limited), available size (contact us) or own bike.

- IDR 1.560.000 or USD 120 (1 people per booking per person)
- IDR 1.170.000 or USD   90 (2 people per booking per person)
- IDR   975.000 or USD    75 (3 people and more per booking per person)
** Private groups of 10 people and more please contact us for prices and availability.

This tour can depart every day (subject to availability). Bookings can be made online (reservation/boking at our website) or by calling to mobile +62 (0) 81 236 586 365.

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