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Road Bike Tour – Flores Island

Komodo Audax is a cycling adventure activities in Flores Island Indonesia. Komodo Audax is the “Top Level Cycling Adventures in Indonesia”, because the location of cycling more than 1.000 bends, inclines, derivatives that require strong endurance, biking skills are proficient and air temperature every location visited is not the same. Staring from Larantuka to Maumere to Ende to Bajawa to Ruteng and finished the Labuan Bajo western part of the Flores island. The location is very challenging cycling through valleys and mountains with the highest location in 1.414m altitude in the town of Ruteng and Bajawa. With traffic still quiet and fresh air will make cycling feel comfortable and healthy.

Komodo Audax Logo is a picture of a pair of dragons who were cycling to wear the colors of the water of Lake Flores, wearing a hat Tii Langga (Rote cap) blissfully exploring the island of Flores to peace.

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