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Road Bike – Bongkasa Pertiwi

Road bike-Bongkasa Pertiwi New route for frequent cyclists to Bali and cycling towards Ubud Ubud and other roads, more beautiful scenery, rice fields, remote villages, and green areas. Bongkasa Pertiwi is a village in the sub-district of Abiansemal, Badung regency, Bali. It is said that this area is a jungle and shrubs, whose land is paved, which lies to the west of the river ayung and is the territory... 

What you do before you ride

Bicycle-condition-checklist (1)
Do not ride your bicycle if it does not pass this  pre ride test correct any conditions before your ride Be sure that all of components of your  bicycle, including but limited to your brake, pedal, handgrips, handlebars, frame and seating system, are in optimum conditions and suitable for use; Be sure that more of components of bicycle  are bent, damage our out of aligment; Be sure that your wheel... 

Full Day Cycling Tour

Bali Cycling Operator
For the true cycling enthusiast in you who is looking for a challenging ride, you can go cycle through Bali on bike for an entire day. Tour groups will take you through mountainous challenges, flat roads, through the finest beaches, and the most memorable spots you want to see while visiting Bali. The only limit is your energy! Of course these day-long tours are typically more challenging, so they... 

GIETMAN 2017 Series 1 – 24 April 2017.

GIETMAN 2017 series 1 Bali
Tepat pukul 06.30 pagi 33 peserta GIETMAN Series 1 terdiri dari 32 pria dan 1 perempuan, dengan peserta warga negara Indoensia dan asing, mereka meninggalkan gerbang balon Polygon di depan toko sepeda Rodalink Denpasar. GIETMAN berasal dari kata giet (hahasa Bali) dan man (man berasal dari tiga huruf pertama manusia), giet dalam bahasa Bali artinya keadaan saat melakukan gerakan dengan sekuat tenaga,... 


The GIETMAN cycling event, organised by the MTBMAN  Foundation http://www.mtman.org is a combined tour program and bike race, testing cyclists’ fitness over short distances on a set route. Participants will depart together from the starting line, heading to the first discharge point. After participants complete the first stage of the event they will depart from the same point to begin the next activity—the... 

Tips membawa sepeda dengan pesawat udara

  Apa yang anda lakukan sepeda kesayangan anda  agar sampai dengan utuh di tempat tujuan. Jika sepeda di kemas dengan tas sepeda atau kotak sepeda, pasti akan menjadi bagasi yang besar dan memerlukan alat angkut yang besar juga. Apa yang dilakukan sebelum  diangkut  pesawat udara: Sediakan alat atau kunci-kunci untuk membongkar bagian dari sepeda anda. Sediakan tas atau kotak sepeda sebagi... 

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