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What you do before you ride

Do not ride your bicycle if it does not pass this  pre ride test correct any conditions before your ride

  1. Be sure that all of components of your  bicycle, including but limited to your brake, pedal, handgrips, handlebars, frame and seating system, are in optimum conditions and suitable for use;
  2. Be sure that more of components of bicycle  are bent, damage our out of aligment;
  3. Be sure that your wheel are perfectly centered, spin the wheels to be sure that they do not wobble up and down or form side to side, and that they do not make contact  with the fork legs or brake pacts while rotaring;
  4. Check all reflectors to make sure that they clean, straight and securely mounted;
  5. Check your  brake pacts and cable to be sure they are  in good conditions;
  6. Test your brakes in the beginning of your ride to make sure that they are operating properly;
  7. Learn and follow the local bicycle  laws and regulations, and obey all traffic signals, signs and laws while you ride.

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